Jen did it again! My wife and I used Jen as a doula two years ago for the birth of our daughter and because of her powers that day (full review elsewhere on page) we had no doubt that we wanted her to be at our sides the second time around.
Our son was recently brought into the world naturally, but it could not have been done without Jen. She was her normal wise, calm, knowledgeable, loving self. As my wife put it, Jen is able to read minds! She knew what type of encouragement was needed throughout the various phases of labor, without my wife able to communicate these needs. Maybe most importantly, Jen was a STELLAR advocate for my wife and her ultimate wishes in two specific instances that my wife believes to be the catalysts that helped her deliver our baby boy naturally. She did this with the utmost respect for the nurses, while still keeping the needs of baby and mama and what’s safe at the top of mind.
We couldn’t recommend Jen more! We are so honored that Jen helped us on two of the most memorable days of our lives and love that she will be a part of those memories for years to come!

Second-time Dad

My wife and I could not be more thrilled with Jen and the magic she performed in bringing our daughter Madeline into the world.
A little background: my wife experienced extreme hyperemesis throughout the entire pregnancy (neausea, weight loss due to vomiting, and limited time on her feet), but was still wanting to at least attempt a more natural-type birth. Not only was Jen supportive of this, she helped to instill such confidence in my wife that when it came time to labor, my wife's body AND mind were prepared.
6 hours of encouragement and coaching later, Madeline entered the world naturally and healthy! And my wife felt great (I suppose great is relative here, though haha!).
Even the nurse noted that out of all the deliveries she had been apart of, only 3 had involved some amount of pitosin without the eventual use of an epidural (very uncommon). We owe a whole lot of this to Jen!
We cannot thank you enough. The money is SO worth it, people! Jen, consider us free walking advertisements for life! We love you.

First-time Dad

Jen has been my doula for 2 births now, and I cannot say enough good things about her! From basically the moment we met I knew I wanted her positive energy and knowledge in the delivery room with me and my husband.
For my first birth with my daughter 2 years ago, I had hoped for a natural delivery, but ended up being induced 5 days past her due date, but in large part thanks to Jen's encouragement I was still able to give birth without any pain medication! She knew just how to build me back up each time I thought I couldn't do it. I also loved that she was able to take some pictures of those first sweet moments with our daughter.
For my second birth of our son last week, we had reached the point of being 10 days past due date, but instead of induction with pitocin, we started just with breaking my water, and after waiting for half an hour for something to start, Jen suggested we go for a walk around the hallways, and that was just the right call, she was able to distract me from my increasing frustration that I was not having contractions, because she is just SO easy to talk to, and I think walking around was just what my body needed to set things in motion too, so I was so grateful for her suggestion! Shortly after our walk, contractions started and my labor ended up being lightning fast (2.5 hours total)! Jen knew I had a quick labor the first time, she was prepared for a quick labor this time, and also knowing what I had liked and disliked from the first go 'round, was able to help me labor efficiently and ask all the right questions of where and how I wanted to labor and push which resulted in just about the best birthing experience I could have asked for. I felt SO strong and empowered during the entire process!
I'm also a fairly neurotic person, and going past my due date twice has been really emotionally challenging for me, and both times I have been so grateful that I can text Jen any and all of my thoughts and feelings and it is always met with empathy and encouragement! She's the best.

Second-time Mom


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