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About your doula, Jen-- 

Hello there! I’ve been fascinated with birth since the day my goddaughter was born several years ago. During nursing school I absolutely loved my OB clinical rotation and knew I wanted to work with moms and their babies some day. I also fell in love with the NICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital and decided I would start my career as an RN there, and then later continue on as a lactation consultant (IBCLC) at CMH. I am in the process of going back to school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and birth work is work I enjoy doing to fill my soul. A wonderful CNM mentor of mine suggested doula work to me and I have not looked back since. I absolutely LOVE being a doula. I love supporting moms and dads through their pregnancy and birth, as well as helping them learn about all the intricate details of caring for their newborn. I could not imagine a better profession than to be apart of the birth of a new life into this world, there is truly nothing more special to me.



Services include birth doula support, lactation support & childbirth education support. 

{All services and care provided adhere to DONA certification standards}


One to two prenatal visits in the home with the birth doula to learn about the parents wishes for their birth and ways in which they feel most supported, answer prenatal questions, address any fears/concerns Mom & Dad may have and provide gaps in teaching on any child birth education topics. 

Labor support: Unlimited support and correspondence via phone both pre- and postnatally. 24/7 on-call support from starting at two weeks before the due date until delivery. Continuous support from onset of active labor through delivery.

After delivery support: the doula will stay after the birth of baby to support the parents for 1-2 hours to ensure initial bonding and breastfeeding is successful as well as remain available for one week postpartum to address any concerns. 


Additionally, the doula/IBCLC can complete a breastfeeding/postpartum visit(s) when the new family returns home. This visit serves as an opportunity to receive guidance with nursing the brand new baby, reflect upon the birth experience, as well as the chance to answer any infant care questions.

BREASTFEEDING ONLY SUPPORT: in YOUR home, in your PJs, lactation consulting only appointments postpartum available separately, on request.

(see Fees section for more details)


If parents missed out on their birth facility’s child birth education class or simply want more information 1-2 in home sessions can be purchased in addition to or separate from doula/lactation services.


The doula is able to take photos during the birth on your personal smart phone. Or birth photography can be added onto your package for $100 including all photos taken during the birth along with 10 professionally edited top selctions. All photos taken with a Canon SL2 Rebel and delivered to parents electronically.


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Do you have a bunch of baby-related questions spinning around in your head? Or are you facing some birth-planning fears based on things you’ve heard from your friends about previous experiences?
Why not set up a Coffee+Doula date with me??? Get those questions answered and fears dissolved—you, me, and a cup of coffee or tea!!!

Here’s how it works: 
• Email me at
to schedule your 60 minute or 90 minute Coffee Date. Send a few times that you’re available to meet, either physically within the Kansas City metro area or virtually wherever the Internet will reach.
• Then we’ll find a time that works and I’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to Paypal/Venmo with instructions.
• And here is the fun part: we’ll meet for our one-on-one Coffee Date, where you can ask me anything and I will provide you with evidenced-based information, experiences, laughter, and smiles.
• Finally, after our date, you’ll receive a little something special in the mail! A recap of what we discussed as well as additional evidenced based resources for you to consider. 
• Afterwards, if you are interested in purchasing a birth doula service package with me; the Coffee + Doula cost will be subtracted from your total cost. 
• RATES: $60 for 60 minutes// $75 for 90 minutes

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